Ergonomic Checklist

 for the Home Office

Ensure your staff are set up correctly for healthy home working. Our handy checklist includes...

Correct monitor set up

How to prevent wrist strain

Healthy lighting environment tips

Home working is not yet a thing of the past

The importance of ergonomics at home

Many employees set up temporary desk spaces when lockdown began, but with many businesses planning to adopt flexible working on a longer-term basis, these workspaces now need an ergonomic assessment.

Home offices come in many different shapes and sizes – there are many solutions to ensure your staff are set up for healthy ergonomic home-working.




had new back pain from WFH

work days lost annually

cost to employers

The Institute of Employment Studies Home Wellbeing Survey reported that in the UK's first lockdown, 58% of people complained of new neck pain, 56% of new shoulder pain and 55% of new back pain

A staggering 8.8 million work days were lost annually in the UK due to musculoskeletal disorders, even before most office employees were forced to WFH

According to the Government's Health and Safety Executive, musculoskeletal disorders cost UK employers in excess of £300m every year

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workspaces and using products to enhance productivity, comfort and health.

Creating an ergonomic workspace not only provides employees with a comfortable workstation but also create a positive working environment which increases productivity.

Did you know? Workers with injuries that directly relate to ergonomic issues end up needing more time off than workers with other “more serious” injuries.

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